What we offer

  • Marketing Strategy to Support Tendering
  • Pre-Tender Brand Building Activities
  • Pre-Tender Marketing Activities
  • Refining Product/Service Messages
  • Hands-on Monthly Marketing Support

Our Experience

  • 20+years working in Public Sector
  • Tendering for Council Services
  • Local Government Engagement Activities
  • Understanding of Government Drivers
  • Connections with Gov. Stakeholders
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Head of Team: Carol Capper
Carol is a creative and techno-literate marketing professional with 30 years experience in the private and public sector. She won PPRG award for publicity and public relations excellence at Hounslow; at Lewes designed the first UK interactive local plan; and at IDeA created and promoted NLIS brand from scratch, valued at 10M in 2005. Skilled in stakeholder and client engagement in B2B and political environments; she has exceptional people skills, and is a master at exhibition design (awarded LBDS).

Public Sector tendering process 

Selling to Local Government: Adopt the best sales & marketing practices to support your Government Contract Bids & Tenders

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Tendering for public sector contracts can be complicated; with no prior engagement or knowledge of how a council or authority identifies, selects and procures products and services, it's almost impossible to tailor your sales and marketing to lift you ahead of your competition.

Without the right insight and stakeholder relationships your company will aimlessly deliver expensive marketing and telemarketing campaigns which on their own will generate little or no success - so what's the answer?

Improve sales results for Local Government tenders and contracts 

If we feel your company is suitable, Brevity will utilise our expertise to help you overcome the barriers of selling to Government and work with you to open Local Authority gates and ivory towers; optimising your product or service sales and marketing messages to reflect Government needs and drivers, and helping you engage with the right public servants and council officers - so you become a product or service provider they recognise and consider as a potential solution.

Discover our approach to winning Local Government Tenders and Contract bids

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This premier marketing service is suited for large SME's or small SME's with venture capitalist/investor backing.

We are interested in working with your organisation if you design and manufacture technology products and/or software/hardware solutions.  

Your company will need to meet strict criteria to be considered.